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The fleet & lease management system with ROB interface

MiCheck is a quote and authorisation platform for repair, servicing and tyres (ROB) requests that allows you to create and modify quotes easily based on current factory data. MiCheck also offers a single system that enables you to easily and quickly format and manage all your ROB requests. The MiCheck fleet and lease management system was born from the basic idea that it should be easy to maintain vehicles (or have them maintained) professionally, without the need for a great deal of paperwork and a time-consuming process to handle the quote and authorisation. With MiCheck we offer you one system for all your quotes, (ROB) requests and technical information.

  • Entire ROB request process in one system
  • Option to link with GMS systems
  • Option to set up SLAs
  • Fleet and lease management system
The benefits of Micheck

What does MiCheck Fleet offer?

Submit ROB (repair, servicing and tyres) requests easily and quickly

MiCheck recognises from the licence plate whether it is a price quote for a private individual or a servicing quote for a leasing company or fleet owner. All required SLA information is automatically loaded where applicable. Thanks to our link with the ROB system, all ROB codes are available in MiCheck and are automatically linked to quote lines based on current factory data. You can then submit these online to ROB-NET.

The price quote or servicing quote is clearly structured and separates out labour and parts, including OE prices. This is a requirement for yourself, but also for your customers who are demanding ever greater transparency.

The interface with the ROB system enables you to carry out the entire request process on one system. Through MiCheck, you submit the quote request to the fleet manager or leasing company and have insight into the status of the assessment. You also have the option to amend the quote and to invoice electronically when approved. For large fleet organisations that do not use ROB coding, the quote process works exactly the same.

  • Automatic ROB coding based on current factory data
  • Insight into assessment by fleet managers and leasing companies
  • Licence plate recognition
  • Electronic invoicing


MiCheck offers the option of preparing quotes based on the original factory data. Since many fleet managers and leasing companies work with an SLA, it is possible to load this into MiCheck, giving you easy insight into the options that fit with the SLA. You can fine-tune the terms for each leasing company yourself or, if you are a member of a franchise organisation, view the agreed terms.

When an SLA has been loaded, MiCheck automatically applies the correct prices at the time of an ROB request.

  • Option to use aftermarket parts
  • Automatic application of correct prices based on SLA

Check servicing requests easily and quickly with MiCheck

MiCheck is the link between garages and leasing companies/fleet owners. It provides the ability to efficiently and effectively monitor and/or assess requested servicing and repair work. MiCheck shows which work the manufacturer stipulates. This allows you to quickly and easily check that requests are correct.

MiCheck also offers you the best way to rapidly check all incoming repair and servicing requests based on current factory data, taking account of the agreements (SLA) that you have made with the vehicle company in question. This makes the processing of repair and servicing requests even more effective.

  • Check servicing requests
  • Factory data check for vehicles
  • ROB summary

In addition to the MiCheck application, two new solutions called 2Check & 2Quote for leasing companies and garages are currently being developed within Vinacles!

How can we help you?

A full web application that supports companies to export vehicles quickly and efficiently thanks to the various built-in checks.

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