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The creation of Vinacles

Vinacles was established in October 2022 and consists of five well-established organisations. We currently have a team of 60 employees. Vinacles was born from the idea of different organisations joining forces with the aim of offering a complete platform within the industry. You may have previously come into contact with one of the organisations listed below that now form part of Vinacles.

A2SP was founded in 1999. Within Vinacles, A2SP both provides RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) information and is the application service provider within our services.

Mivar Group
Like A2SP, Mivar was founded in 1999. You may know Mivar as the developer of workflow systems. These workflows continue under the name 2Drive, formerly Driver, and 2Quote and 2Check, formerly jointly making up MiCheck.

VDC was founded in 2008. VDC’s expertise in the import and export of vehicles is reflected within Vinacles in the RegistratieXpert and its Weeze facility centre. Vinacles thereby caters to all your Import and Export needs.

Cartalk International
You will also find Cartalk International within Vinacles’ services. Founded in 2018, this organisation is a provider of a wide variety of vehicle and statistical data.

Vinacles also offers used car sales services. You will find GoRemarketing’s services here. Founded in 2009 and publisher of Used Car Controller (UCC), Marketview and Car Service Plan to support used car sales.

About us

About Vinacles

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Vinacles offers everything the automotive sector needs on a single platform.

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By using secure applications and login options, your data is safe with us.

We are always here for you

Our helpdesk is always ready to help you further and answer any questions.

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